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We also cook with water.
The difference? Our water is concentrated, focused and in the end a composition.

Each of our customers has his own needs, is looking for his own language and has special goals.

We learn to understand, accompany and support you on your way and

make your communication goal ours.


communication design I workshops I print I campaigns I digital media I websites I packaging

Here we go...
Wir 1
Wir 2

That's the way:
we untie your knot of communication and branding and create a red thread for you.
Our passion and empathy for your project: included.
Communication is standard and we ensure you a peaceful sleep through transparent processes and costs.
Uncomplicated and agile.
And with ideas as far as the eye can see.

We understand.
We're listening.
We consider more than just your needs.
We are questioning.
We get to know you.

We help you to create your new image and your own language.

Lost in diversity?
One of many?
Copy & paste?

Globalization and digitalization pose new challenges for brands and companies.
Your representation becomes a stage.

Be courageous and we will make you the main attraction.


to KmH, a bunch of "old hands", highly-motivated excellent young talents, creative experts and team players.

We are all "heroes" of communication – KmH offers you the perfect team for results that make the difference.

For KmH and our customers.

Our employees and freelancers are people of expertise and vision and share the passion of their creative profession and that of success.

Communication design, workshops, classic print, campaigns, digital media, websites and packaging: Communication and advertising is our mission.


We're not saying it's easy.
We show you what it means to choose a new route.
The goal is the consciously chosen path of business and personal change -
self-determined, determined, motivated, proud and confident.
A motto based on a strong insight that each of our customers can identify with.

Let's get started...

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